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Things to Know Before Buying a Sandpit

For parents picking other outdoor play equipment or their initial sandpit could be a large difference in costs along with a difficult job with several choices and supplies accessible. A sandpit is definitely an enduring bit of outdoor play equipment that may see your children from their child years right up to age 7 or 8.

Sand has special qualities, with water it is mouldable, dry it’s pourable and usually ideal for discovering small minds. Knowing what  your plans are for the near future plays a big part on what type of sandpit fits your requirements and can help you create the best choice. Before spending any money, please read below what are the primary factors.

How Many Children – Multiple kids can eventually be utilising the outdoor equipment at the same time, so it’s very important to buy something which fits their requirements within the long haul. Little plastic sandboxes are just truly ideal for one child. When you have a few kids D.I.Y product or a wood design is preferred.

You might want to begin with a little wood outdoor play device that may be put into with time as your children grow. If you simply possess a courtyard then raised sandpit or a plastic wall be the answer.

Budget – Sandpits differ in cost from small plastic models up to complete wood outside models – anywhere from $50-$1000. Also have looks and outdoor play equipment and wood sandboxes are made to last but will need a bigger initial cost. If you should be investing in a huge outdoor play-set do not forget to issue installation and shipping into your budget. Smaller plastic models therefore are handy and lightweight, and are ideal for one little child, but may be outgrown rapidly.

There are plenty of places to purchase the same equipment – make sure you know your brands so you can check for the same products and save money.

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Time to talk about kitchen renovations

I feel like I am in the kitchen all day long and I don’t mind because I absolutely love cooking and baking. Nonetheless, there are so many times that I feel like I don’t have enough space to move, a place to put my new utensils and cooking appliances, or a big enough bench top to prepare and plate up my culinary creations.

Kitchen renovations have been on mind and I think that if I am going to redo any part of my home that this would be the ideal space to upgrade. I have been searching through books and magazine and websites for ideas and for experts on kitchen renovations, All Type Kitchens are right up there with best, let me know what you think!


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The Professional Life Insurance The Brokers Use

I work for a Brisbane insurance brokerage firm and have a pretty strong opinion about most professional life insurance providers. There are more good than bad to be sure, we’re lucky in that respect and I think in a lot of cases peoples bad impression of insurance providers is unwarranted. Theirs is a business like any other and they deal with people in emotionally vulnerable moments. They have a responsibility to be diligent and expect their clients to validate their claims with documented evidence, which is only reasonable.

Still, some insurance providers are better than others. The difference is more evident and more important when it comes to professional life insurance in Australia. We recommend MLC to a lot of clients because they are fair and fairly priced, comprehensive and well managed.

Going through a broker we also get better rates to help you save even more without losing any cover.

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How to pick the right security camera?

With an extensive variety of body designs and camera technologies, you might need to think about what your preferences are in relation to layout and look of your CCTV camera system installation. Are in need of a home video surveillance camera that’s engineered to see during the night? Yes

Amount of Cameras Wanted: The size of your property is the coverage region in addition to camera positioning points as well as a significant variable. The great news is you could add numerous cameras at any given moment to your house security system, letting you handle them over an identical network.

Type of Camera: Dome cameras are usually less obvious and blend in nicely with their surroundings. Some versions have smoked enclosures for an even more unobtrusive look. Bullet cameras are a lot more noticeable in that intruders often spot them and can avoid them when breaking in.

Indoor/Outdoor Camera: Outside wireless security cameras help discourage burglars from breaking and entering, trespassers from loitering on your own property, and auto thieves from breaking into your car or truck. An outside camera will records any unusual, questionable, or unlawful action that happens on your property. Indoor security cameras function as an added precautionary measure in instances where a break in does happen and an outside camera isn’t unable to get the footage.sta

Day/Night Camera: Many security CCTV cameras today come equipped with accurate day/night visibility. Night vision cameras are well suited for tracking vehicles parked in driveways and people wondering around in your backyard, it is recommended that you buy a system with night vision as more than two thirds of automobile thefts and break-ins take place during the night.

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Electric Scooters are now popular by demand

Electric scooters are very popular nowadays and can make one of the best gifts for your child. Every kid will want to ride around in an electric scooter. In fact, electric scooters are great fun toy for any kid as they provide a practical form of getting around. The best part of these scooters is that they are amazingly very easy to use. Besides, electric battery-powered scooters are very fast, require low maintenance and easy to recharge. They can run up to 30 miles and are fast enough to be fun but not as speedy as to be considered unsafe. Kids electric scooters are also compact. There is even larger and faster sit down stand up electric kids scooters. All one is required to do is pushing off the ground and turning of the accelerator. However, for the sake of your child’s safety, ensure your child knows all the rules of the road and he or she is properly fitted with a helmet even if they are just playing in the front yard.

If your kid is disabled, you do not need to worry because there is a specially adapted mobility scooter meant for them regardless of their age.

 Why are kids scooters a brilliant invention for kids?

*They are light and easy to use.

Certainly, you will never meet a kid telling you “hey, assist me to push my scooter over there!” This is largely because they are very light and can be carried around with a lot of ease. I know you will be surprised to learn that the heaviest kids scooters weigh only 30kg-40kg because their components such as frame, controller, and battery are lighter than the components of a gas powered motorbike.

 *They require low maintenance.

With kids electric scooters you do not need to have your arms covered in engine grease all day to get you’re the motor going. In case the scooter breaks up, it’s easy to fix. Be it a faulty connection or any kind of break down, it will take you a few minutes to get your kids scooter up and running again. Additionally, the batteries and other parts that may need replacement are not costly hence making electric scooters a great choice for your kid.

 *They are incredibly quiet.

You may have heard someone talking of an electric scooter but you perhaps never actually heard them. You know why? Well, it’s simple. It’s basically because they are extremely quiet. They use quiet electric energy and for that reason, they are not so noisy. That means they will keep your eardrums intact and reduce your stress level.

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How My Hubby Proposed


A week ago, I was proposed to by my partner. I am still in shock as it was such an excellent surprise. When he asked me I knew I wanted to devote the remainder of my life with him but we’d never really spoken about it although we have been together for approximately 6 years.

After Hummer Hire Melbourne were recommended by a friend to us, we had planned the day down in the Yarra Valley. We thought we’d give it a go – we figured it was an excellent chance to see some wineries and we’re both wine drinkers.

Hummer Hire Melbourne were superb – they organised everything, from tours of the wineries, cheese and wine tastings and some background information on wine making, as well as transportation to and from in a luxurious Hummer.

We wound up finishing the tour at a restaurant with some delightful Shiraz and a 4 course dinner. I had simply completed my desert when he pulled the ring from his coat pocket, he got the ring custom made as well!

An excellent finish to a perfect evening.

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Bookkeeping in My Family


My dad was a bookkeeper. My older brother is a bookkeeper. I guess bookkeeping is in my blood and I’ve just recently enrolled in a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping online. I finished high school last year and I knew bookkeeping was what I really wanted to do, so instead of applying at uni I went straight to Acquire Learning to see what jobs are out there, after some advice from a careers advisor at my school.

Online courses differ from the more traditional modes of education and learning in that they offer their courses no on campus, which is great because it means I can still work enough hours each week without having to sacrifice time to head to campus every day. With all of my learning materials online I can do my assessments wherever I want, whenever I want.

With a bit of assistance from my dad, we navigated each accounting and bookkeeping course on offer, and we found the right one for me, it was through the provider Careers Australia. I think the way they do things is going to be very popular one day soon, and we’ll start seeing much more in the way of online education, although going direct through Careers Australia, going through Acquire Learning gives you more support and a guaranteed job at the end of the course.

Even though you undertake the units online from home, you still have a dedicated tutor or advisor if you need to call up and ask any questions. They’ll check in on you from time to time, too, and make sure you’re on the right track. The old ‘one size fits all’ approach is long gone, and I’m glad. With a tailored course offering me exactly what I need to get my career going, I’m hopefully going to be ahead of the rest of the pack.

Once I’m qualified, I’ll be awarded a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping FNS40211 – a national accreditation. Along the way I’ll learn everything I need to know for when it’s time to enter the working world – preparing financial statements, payroll, BAS, operational finance, everything. I can do this all from my very own bedroom – no spending hours on the train every day trekking back and forth from campus. Wherever I am, I can whip out my laptop or iPad and go through the course notes and study materials.

The course will only take me 12 months, so in just under a year from now I’ll be fully qualified! The study hours per week are very manageable, too, so I can easily keep up with my work and social commitments without letting anything fall by the wayside. If I don’t think I am ready for the work force yet upon completion, Post Graduate diplomas are also available – while I am single, could be worth staying in Uni for as long as possible.

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No better place to find women’s shoes online than


As any lady will tell you, it’s not easy to find the perfect shoe. Many a time I’ve squeezed my foot into a shoe that was a size too small just because I had to have it and it wasn’t available in my size. Might seem like a good idea at the time, but not at the end of the night. I searched through women’s shoes online and I came across Womens Shoes, a boutique store located in Noosa Heads.

Well, I’m in heaven. Their range of designer shoes is unlike anything I’ve ever seen – really high-end labels from all over the world, and available in heaps of sizes so that you don’t have to suffer when you wear them all night long. They’ve got boots, heels, and formal shoes, and I ordered myself a pair of Annette Gortz wedges in black. Just don’t tell my partner what they cost! It’s worth it, though – it’s a beautiful shoe made to last and it fits me like a glove.

For boots, wedges and high heels online, check out Womens Shoes asap.

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If home delivered meals sounds good to you, then speak with Dineamic


I’ll admit it, I’m not much of a cook at all. I can manage a pasta dish or two, maybe even a stir-fry, but they’re both pretty basic. I don’t think I’ve ever hosted a dinner party, and I can’t imagine my guests would be thrilled if I did so. I’ve been buying most of my meals from Dineamic for quite a long time now. Dineamic offer pre-cooked, home delivered meals but they’re not what you’d expect. No processed foods, no meals made by machines – everything is fresh and healthy and prepared by actual chefs using precise meal plans. Their range is massive – soups, curries, casseroles, lasagne, salads, even roasts. You’ve got a good mix of vegies, meat, grains, dairy, and it genuinely tastes like you prepared it at home yourself – you’d never guess it arrived frozen on your doorstep. Despite my inability to cook a half decent meal, nutrition has always been a big thing for me and I’m glad it’s important to Dineamic, too. These guys don’t take shortcuts. One day I’ll take cooking lessons and learn to cook more than pasta, and who knows – maybe I’ll even have a dinner party. But for now, I’ll stick to Dineamic.

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Relocation Loan from a Good Operator

I don’t loan money easily or comfortably. I have something fundamentally against living beyond my means. Perhaps it’s my German heritage but generally I am really against the idea. When my company offered to relocate me last year I was a little unsure about the idea and told them I wasn’t ready to commit to the relocation for the two-year minimum they required. Then I found Housing Bond Loans.


I negotiated that I would pay for my relocation and if I lasted down in Melbourne for the two-year minimum they would reimburse me the relocation costs. I explained all this to Housing Bond Loans who were happy to give me a relocation loan on really generous terms that pretty much meant I had the best of both worlds. They’ve taken all the pressure out of the situation for me.

The make things better, I am currently renting in Perth and when I knew I would be moving to Melbourne, I also knew I had a bond to get back once I had moved out of this house. I used Superior Bond Cleaning and they got my bond back just in time as promised.

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For Fantastic Wineries in the Yarra Valley, Book with Dreamscape Tours Now

It was dad’s 60th birthday recently, and we decided we wanted to head out to a winery for the day with all the family. We’re all lovers of wine and we’ve been down to the peninsula before, but we’d heard good things about Yarra Valley wine tours so we thought we’d give that a go this time. It was a little daunting what with there so many places to choose from, so we decided to book through Dreamscape Tours.


They were fantastic and took care of everything, meaning we could simply relax with dad and enjoy a few glasses of Pinot. They even organised a bus to take us to and from the wineries, which was perfect as we live much closer to the city. The Yarra Valley is absolutely stunning and dad thoroughly enjoyed the day – couldn’t recommend Dreamscape Tours any higher.

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Skinny Jeans That Still Look Smart

nobody-denim-fnb-codex-_s_You can really go overboard with skinny jeans. The punk look is definitely back though so knowing how skinny is too skinny is pretty key to achieving the perfect punk look. This is not the 80’s, this is the 2014 take on them and we have learnt a lot in that time fella’s.

It’s best not to do pick the smallest possible fit for yourself as this is a usual recipe for disaster. I love the Nobody Jeans line of skinny jeans because they get the look and have absolutely nailed it. Couple it with a white t-shirt or a casual shirt like that from Aquila, heavy coat and boots and you’ve got the perfect winter attire.

Nobody Jeans and Aquila shirts are great because they walk that line between value and quality perfectly and you get the best of both.

This look is here to stay, and these companies are rocking it.

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